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Etched deep in the DNA of trendy bars, pretty much by definition, is a compulsion toward newness. In America, circa 2012, this can mean an unpublished phone number, a hidden entrance, ever more varieties of bitters, an illegal on-site distilling operation, mixology equipment that looks like it was boosted from a packaged-foods plant, and, well, a certain skit from Portlandia comes to mind.

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I recently discovered that Saxon + Parole, a very of-the-moment restaurant and bar in New York City’s East Village, was exploring some truly uncharted territory: a subscription service…

What price would we pay? What behavior would we forgive? If they weren’t pretty, if they weren’t temperamental, if they weren’t beyond our reach and a little out of our control would we love them like we do?
So maybe that’s why I dislike Portland and Portlandia–they represent a type of person who I fundamentally am not: those with optimism and a passion for their home and the honest belief that what the world needs is more birds on things.
Katie Herzog, Twenty Twenty Hindsight


Azealia Banks212

Azealia Banks is just one bad ass bitch. She’s blowing up right now. Kanye follows her on twitter, Pitchfork featured her in the top 10 tracks of 2011, she played a show at Karl Lagerfeld’s house and Universal Records signed her in January. Also, she was just profiled by the New York Times

The high school dropout comes from Harlem but attended private schools early in her life and as a listener, you can definitely pick up on these dichotomous lives she experienced.

The “212” music video has been out for almost six months but is just now picking up the public’s attention. I love this song not only for its raunchy content but also because it shows just how talented a of an artist Azealia Banks is. She’s also a great collaborator: the guy in this video is Montreal producer Jacques Greene who was just tapped by Radiohead to remix their King of Limbs album.

The sound of “212” is current, she says her inspiration comes from the streets, but clearly Azealia been influenced by previous generations and genres of music. She pulls together a wide array of these influences in “212,” I don’t even think I could name them all. There’s the unsymmetrical chorus, the synth undertones, the pop backbeat that’s also vaguely latin and the perfect cartoon voice of satire. Her sound is unique and infectious.

It’s Superbowl Sunday in the United States but you can find me shrine of Banks, not of the Patriots or Giants.

Lucero - Sometimes
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Sometimes" from the upcoming album Women & Work by Lucero


3am in Brooklyn. Coming back form the bars and not a single cab in sight. That’s when a garbage truck pulls up, and i think, “why the hell not?”

I somehow convince the garbage man to give me a lift. He wasn’t sold on the idea, that is, until I promised to work for my keep.

Next thing I know I’m hanging off the back of his truck slinging trash bags with deadly accuracy. 

Zipped home in 5 mins and cost me nothing. Cross this off my bucket list! 

And that Cowboy get-up? Foursquare had our company outing to the Rodeo earlier that night. If you’re ever gonna ride a trash whip - you best be rocking it like a cowboy! 

“Triple Trash!”

Perfectly amazing.


Union Square - San Francisco, CA

Cormac M. | Author | Lost in the chaparral, NM

Two stars.

Given the way my uncle died havin a drink directly after his funeral just didnt seem right so I went for a walk instead. One of them downtowns where all there is is stores. Came across a store was a big…


Every post on the front page of Hacker News is about Steve Jobs.


Every post on the front page of Hacker News is about Steve Jobs.